Blaine and I have decided that we need a vacation. It's so ironic, because every time we wanted a vacation in Arizona, we thought of California. Who doesn't? California is definitely good for short, mood-altering vacations, but we want a big vacation. We have talked about traveling and have decided that we want to do as much as we can before we settle down... if we ever do! We're so rambunctious and want to see so many things! We want to go to Japan, London and Canada. Getting into Canada will be a breeze, seeing as I am from there. We actually plan on moving there one day. Blaine has never been to Canada, but wants to go. It's so different there, yet so much the same. If you go to a place like Nova Scotia, you just never want to leave. It's so gorgeous there... Oh how I wish I were there right now. We haven't really decided where we are going to go first, but we're working on it. In the meantime, we're just going to stick to little weekend getaways to the beach and Universal Studios (season passes!) 

Blaine also started his new job today with Activision. I miss him so much. His schedule is pretty much split between Avanquest and Activision. In total, he works from 7am to 2 am.... crazy! It was his decision to work both jobs. We've been comfortable with money, even while I'm in school. I can do jobs on the side and I also had money saved before quitting my job. Some days I just feel like such an adult, but then others... I sit at my counter at school, stare at the Hollywood sign and look at my zombie creation and feel so fulfilled. I'm loving this choice of "career". I get to be so creative and judged only by technicalities that will only strengthen me as a makeup artist. Blaine also feels a sense of more comfort starting with Activision. It's going to be tough for awhile, but we've been to hell and back in our two years... knock on wood... we have overcame it all gracefully. For awhile it felt like we weren't going anywhere in our lives... I mean, what kid doesn't feel that way at one point? It's like, I'm 20, still doing tech support, working a 9-5 job (technical term because I actually worked 4pm-1am) and doing nothing? The best thing I have had throughout this whole experience has been my family and Blaine. Well... Blaine pretty much is my family at this point. =)

I don't usually open up this much, I'm usually quite the private person. With Blaine being gone, it can get lonely, so I am lost in my own thoughts, then they make their way onto this blog. 

All that I know is, I am truly happy at this moment. Come in a couple of months, I will be even happier... but I can't let that surprise out of that bag yet! Oh and no, we're not getting married. OH! And I'm not pregnant either. Haha, I just felt that disclaimer was appropriate, I didn't want to give anyone a panic attack out there. 

Seeing as I only allow my friends to read this, I hope everyone is very happy. I hope that everyone can find comfort in the little things we so greatly take advantage of at times. Whether you're single, married, in a relationship, there are always people around you that make the hard ships float away. The sooner we all recognize that, the better off, we all may be.

We Can be Serious...

P.S. Blaine blinked while I took the last picture. That's why it looks like he just smoked a fattie... hahaaa