It took me awhile to post anything about Vegas... I'm just really quite lazy when it comes to uploading photos and resizing them. We took a lot of pictures while we were in there, however a bunch of them turned out blurry because it was so bright and windy! I'll just upload a few here that turned out ok. We had such a blast though! He took me for my 21st birthday... we went September 3rd 2009. We stayed at the Luxor which was a nice hotel, but we got pretty unlucky because they booked us into one of those rooms that has a door in the middle that goes to the next room... Of course the people in the next room were a bunch of drunks who partied until 7am and were screwing women left and right. The walls were thin and we heard it all... it was awful. Other than that, Blaine and I had a good time. We mostly walked the strip and went into all the different hotels to see what they were like. We also watched the Bellagio Fountains show, it truly is beautiful and a sight to see in person. We also did some gambling and drinking in our hotel's casino. We were really good about it though, we each had $40 bucks and that was our limit. We played the penny slots and so the $40 lasted quite a long time. I had the most luck on the Happy Days and Jaws slots! We didn't play cards or anything like that... not cool enough I guess.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and nothing got too crazy =) I'm not sure I like Vegas too much though, it's just not really my scene. I've never been a heavy party person... nor have I ever really been into strippers so.... hahaha

Anyways, here are some pictures!