Alphabet Soup

I start school next week... on Monday, I am so stoked! Today was my last day at my job with Time Warner Cable. The school gives the students jobs while we're in session for the 18 weeks and after. Also, since I did so well while at Time Warner Cable, they offered me a position to come back if I so choose. I'm hoping I will be successful enough with this makeup industry out here, that I won't even have to worry about it, however, it is extremely comforting knowing that if I need a job, I will have one waiting in the wings. I am also extremely nervous about this change, but I'll never know unless I take a risk, right?

I am also looking forward to my schedule change. I will have a more in sync schedule with Blaine so we're going to start a work out routine! He has to leave by 6:30am and I'll have to leave by 8am so we're going to work out at 5 am! It's early, but it feels so good, especially early in the morning. It gives you so much energy throughout the day, including positive endorphins. They just built a new work out room in our complex and it's massive! It's literally the size of a Pure Fitness or something... it's two stories, has several treadmills, weight stations... it even has spin classes with video monitors. The video monitors are the teachers! Isn't that nuts!

This schedule change will not only be good for working out, but Blaine and I will finally be able to have dinners together again. With how our schedule has been for the past few months, he comes home at 5pm, I come home at 1230-130am and pretty much go to sleep. I really miss making dinners with him and enjoying them together. It's the small things like that, I do with Blaine, that I cherish the most. I just love cooking in the kitchen, with all of the cats running around and Blaine sitting in there with me while we listen to music. It's usually Jim Noir or Mae. =) We found a Fresh and Easy not too far from us that we love shopping at. If you've never been to Fresh and Easy... go! They have the freshest meats (NOT FROM MEXICO!!!) and the best ways to make quick dinners. It's all mostly healthy food and really cheap. Blaine and I used to walk over to the Fresh and Easy in Mesa when we worked at AT&T.  Oh.... days at AT&T... 

We're going out to Arizona this weekend. We're leaving Thursday night and coming home Sunday. We're both really excited because we get to see our family and also our friends. I'm going to be spending one of the days with my pops, just him and I. He's going to take me to look at his new house he just bought. While I do that, Blaine is going to go see his friends in Gilbert that he hasn't seen for awhile. We're also going to see Blaine's family ( I consider them mine also =]). We always visit Ryan and Jamee when we go out there and have such a blast. We love them and their kids so much! They're always so gracious and kind to let us come over and hang out. It's really cool for me, because I only had my immediate family growing up, it's nice to have some extended family. I know Blaine and I aren't married, but I don't believe that defines family 100%. We've been together for 2 years and I really appreciate his family. =) I always have this fear, that when we go there, his nephews will not remember me! haha

Well, it's 2:48 in the morning and I'm tired. I fell asleep a bit earlier this evening which is why I am up so late now. Blaine and I played video games for hours tonight. We're both still getting over our sickness, so we've been pretty lazy. We're going to the grocery store tomorrow and I"m not sure what else we're going to do. We kind of just take things day by day.  =)

Have a good night.

2 years

Blaine and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on February 3rd. We didn't do anything that day, because we both had to work opposite schedules. However, when I came home that night... this is what I found on the counter:

On February 4th, I took Blaine to see one of his favorite bands, Circa Survive. I took some pictures from the show, but they're pretty dark...

On February 5th, Blaine and I had plans to go to the beach and eat at Duke's. It's a restaurant on the beach that has a gorgeous view at night. Romantic right? Well it's in Malibu, which is about 30 minutes from us. It started to rain in the morning and never stopped. Unfortunately, we were unable to go to the beach and didn't want to drive too far. We decided to go to Outback and then we went and got Haagen Dazs ice cream. Since we got rained out, we're going to more stuff on Valentines day.

On another note, Blaine has the flu and it's been so bad. He had a fever last night of 103 and at the same time, has chills. I stayed home from work today to take care of him. I went and got him soup, gatorade and orange jello. He's sleeping right now, but I'm hoping he will get better. 

I also decided to clean the apartment today. It wasn't really messy, just cluttered. I've also been washing sheets/blankets all day because Blaine has been sweating so badly, that they've started to stink. 

I really like this picture, even though it's blurry. Harvey is sooo attached to Blaine. =)