Hawaiian Haystacks

So Blaine and I just got done grocery shopping. We went to Fresh and Easy, which is our favorite place. They have a lot of really interesting recipes and already made meats. For example we bought pork chops stuffed with apples and cinnamon. We were hesitant, but figured we would try something new. I'm going to make a new recipe that I found online. It's chicken breasts stuffed with feta cheese and you pour marinara sauce over it once it's cooked. Right now, Blaine is making us Hawaiian Haystacks. It's a recipe that his mom has used for ages. It's white rice with cream of chicken poured over it. On top of that, you put mexican cheese over it, add pineapple and crunchy noodles on top. You can also add chives and onions too, which makes it really good. I took some pictures of Blaine cooking tonight. =)

I also just completed my first week of school at Cinema Makeup School. It's so cool there. The people are really awesome and the teachers are so cool. They also have all kinds of cool movie props/creatures. The director of the school helped create Gollum from Lord of the Rings, so they have the actual puppet displayed in the school. We also work on what are called 'tuffy heads'. Basically what they are, are molds of peoples faces placed on sticks. They're made of foam rubber so we can work on them instead of models if we need more practice. The cool thing is, we have a bunch of different actor's molds and I got to work with Brad Pitts. It was so strange, but really awesome. Speaking of Brad Pitt, the makeup artist who just won the Oscar for Benjamin Button, will be coming in to the school in a couple of weeks to speak to us. He also did the upcoming Watchmen movie... I have so many questions.

I'm starting off in the character class. I will pretty much be doing hair work, bald caps, aging makeup (making people look old) and also doing bruises/injury simulation. My first week consisted of hair work. We started with doing mutton chops, moved into goatees and then did a full beard.  Here are some pictures of the work I did. Keep in mind that the way the hair is applied strand by strand. It's very tedious, but it's so much fun. Here are some pictures....

Right Side Mutton Chop Small
Left Side Mutton Chop Bigger Size
Front View of Both Sizes of Mutton Chops


Professor Sicotte...
Right Side View of Full Beard
Left Side View of Full Beard
Front View of Full Beard
Also in dealing with hair, we create different looks using only cream makeups. Mostly things like 5 o'clock shadow and next when we do bald caps, we can use cream makeups to make them look like a shaved head. Anyway, Blaine was nice enough to let me practice, so below are a couple of pictures of his 5 o'clock shadow I did using only cream makeups.

Blaine Before (Clean Shave)
Blaine with 5 o'clock shadow using cream makeups

Hobo! =)

Here's some of my equipment...

I've been so happy lately. I've been able to spend so much more time with Blaine. Like I said in an earlier post, the biggest thing I missed with him, was having dinners. Like tonight, we just sat in the kitchen hanging out. He was cooking and I hung out at the bar on the Mac. We just talked and listened to music.... it was nice. We also went on a hugeee cleaning spree this weekend. It started yesterday when we went to Target and bought tubs to organize our patio. My dad gave us these plastic shelving units we can put our tubs in to place on the patio. We finally finished yesterday and we have so much room now on our patio. I also put my shelves up finally and was able to get everything organized. Blaine and I scrubbed floors, toilets, sinks, walls.... we did major clean. Our apartment doesn't even get too dirty actually, just cluttered. 

Anyway, Blaine and I are going to go play some video games. We have to get up early tomorrow to go workout so we can't stay up too late. We are also having movie night tonight. We are going to watch Slumdog Millionaire. We bought some popcorn and sodas so we can feel like we're at the movies. 

Until next time...