It's been awhile...

So, I started this blog back in May and wrote in it for about a month and then stopped. My life finally feels like it is settling down, so I can take the time to write a little.

Just an update on how things have gone... Blaine and I have made our way out to California. We've been out here since July/ early August. We both have been working full time jobs, but are trying to reorganize our lives/schedules to better suite what we actually want to do out of life. I will be taking a leave of absence from work soon, to go to school. I am going to school for beauty makeup and special effects. However, that will not be my career. My passion still is and always will be singing. Blaine and I are going to be working on my demo this year and I will be doing open mic nights, once I have some material to actually perform. I just look at it like this, I would much rather be doing a job like makeup for films and studios while I am trying to make it, as opposed to be doing tech support. The school I will be attending is in the heart of Hollywood and they send out recommendations/job postings to film producers, directors, etc. to do work for. I would love to do zombie make-up on a zombie film!

Other than that we have just been enjoying each other's company. My parents have been out here... we went to Disneyland, Universal Studios and on New Years Eve I took my dad to see George Lopez. He had a blast!

In a couple of weeks will be Blaine and I's 2 year anniversary. It's hard to believe we have been together this whole time... it just seems like yesterday I was working at Hollywood Video and had him walk in to apply for a job. haha =) I love him though, and couldn't be happier.

Speaking of Blaine, I think he is getting ancy to play Left 4 Dead, so I am going to jump off here and go play with him.

Until next time...

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