Cherry Chapstick

So I just got home from working out, as well as swimming with Blaine. They've had our pool closed all week so it has sucked. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than jumping in the pool after working out for an hour.

Blaine and I have been playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory obsessivley for the past couple of days and once I am done with this post I am going to make some dinner and then play!

Blaine's birthday is coming up and I am so excited! This year is going to be awesome and I'm just so happy with him. It's kind of nice not being typical for our age I guess. I mean, we still do things our age, but our lives aren't filled with so much drama and least not with each other. There will always be drama and there will always be bs, but at least I have him to turn to when things get tough.

I'm just trying to look towards the future and get excited about it. I'm losing weight, moving to California and FINALLY starting my career for singing in the land of Hollywouldnot.


Oh and Katy Perry is my new hero. Legitimately, her music is beyond amazing and I will definitely be picking up her record when it "drops".