The pictures you took, that cover your room, and it was just like the sun...but more like the moon

You can never go wrong with Mae lyrics. So today is Blaine's day off and we are cleaning like crazy. Not really cleaning, but more like straightening out our apartment, setting up our computer desks (we just got the internet...our own this time, not knocking off others haha) and it's getting cozier. I want to put up posters and stuff, but I'm not sure if there is even a point due to the fact we are out of here come August 12th.

Today is going to be a good day. After this we are going to go workout and then go swimming...after that, I believe we are going to take a trip to Barnes and Noble, then go to a park and draw. =)

Last night was awesome, we just lit candles and laid down listening to music. Music is seriously better than any pill, drug, or form of alcohol. It is the best form a therapy.

I don't have too much to write about, I need to get back to helping Blaine...even though 10 bucks says he is sitting on the other computer trying to mess with it. =)

Love love loveee