Can't read my poker face

I'm listening to Lady Gaga right now. Her music is so catchy. Some of the songs are obnoxious, but some are really good, like "Again, Again" I love the piano in that song.

I just got finished paying bills, which is never fun, but it's pay day, so you have to take the good with the bad. I just ordered Blaine's anniversary gift. It better get here a day that I'm here so he doesn't figure out what it is. He figured out what he got for Christmas by touching the box and then looking up a PS3 box to see if it had a handle... what a turd! ha ha Either way, he liked it. Which reminds me, I still need to post our Christmas pictures, but I need to get them off the camera.

I woke up with a bad headache today and I had extremely bad cotton mouth, I'm not even too sure why. I'm so hungry, this not eating thing is annoying. Not like anorexia not eating, but eating healthy. I always love eating better because I get more creative in the kitchen and if you make the right things, then the food tastes good. The issue is always lunch. There are only so many salads and pitas one can eat for lunch. I think I may make a turkey burger today, but I'm too lazy and I have so much to do, that I usually don't have time to eat. After this post, I have to work out also, which sucks because I really don't feel well today, but I have to do what I set out for.

Blaine will be home soon, which I am excited for. We're going to go the grocery I think and possibly go develop some pictures. We were playing left 4 dead last night... ah that game is so awesome. Just a ton of zombies come out of nowhere! We play in the dark too, which makes it better. ha ha

I wish I had a more interesting life so that I had something to write about... oh you know what? I realllly want to see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D. I'm a sucker for horror movies and I saw the original. I'm just not sure about 3-D you know? They're having a showing tonight in Hollywood, the director will be there for a Q and A, Blaine and I were going to go, but it was sold out. I'm not sure if we're going to go tonight or wait until next week. I'll have to talk to him and see. I want to make sure he can get enough sleep.

Well, I'm going to go work out and possibly make some lunch. If I get bored enough later, I'll post some stuff from Christmas.