Taking a risk

So today, I have finally enrolled into Cinema Makeup School here in Hollywood. I am taking their Master Makeup Program. It is an 18 week course that starts with Beauty makeup I will learn the basics in beauty and then I will also learn airbrushing, along with high fashion avant gard looks. After that, I will go into character makeup which involves bald caps, fake hair application, injury simulations (burns, scars...you know gross stuff!). After that, it will lead into prosthetics, where I will sculpt and construct a creature. After that, I will go into special effects where I will make my creature come to life. Basically, I will paint it, add blood tubing and actually apply it onto a human being. Here are some examples of the work done at the school:

High Fashion Beauty

Character Makeup


Special Effects

I'm so excited to get started on this. I start classes on February 23rd and it goes until June. While I am in school though, they give you jobs on different film sets and studios. I hope that this is something I will be good at. I love the creativity and artistic aspects of it.