I have been slacking... big time

I haven't really been 'blogging' lately, due to being so busy! I started Special FX last week and it has been non stop work. I'm sculpting out a Locust Drone from the game, Gears of War. I am really looking forward to this, because it's going to be the icing on the cake. Special FX will be last class before I go into beauty, so I want to make it count!

To catch up, I did a zombie for my prosthetics piece. The process of this piece was as follows:

-I created a life cast of the person I am going to be applying my prosthetic piece onto.
- I then start to sculpt out my piece using clay, onto the life cast of that person. That way, once I sculpt it, it will fit them perfectly.
- Once I have completed my sculpture, I make a foam latex piece out of it, using... foam latex.
- Once you make the foam latex piece, it is time to apply it onto your model/actor.
- You now bring that piece to life, by painting it, adding blood, etc.

It sounds easy, but it takes a few weeks to complete. Below are some pictures of the process, beginning with the sculpture on the life cast...

The pictures aren't the best quality, because a few were taken with my phone. However, you get the idea =) I also have some pictures of 'old age' makeup I did during my character class:

The right side of her face is not done up, so you can compare the old with the young =)

I have been having such a blast doing this work. I love going to school every day, being able to create different characters that come from the back of my mind. It's so humbling to be learning from these fantastic people. I will be going onto beauty next, so it will be a whole different ballpark. I'm really excited for that, because I'll be able to start my jobs at the different photo shoots and sets that I will have lined up. 

Aside from school, my dad came out for the week of Easter. We had coffee almost every night and it was awesome. I love sitting on the streets of LA, people watching. I want to know everyone story, I want to know where everyone is going. Everyone is always going somewhere. We also got my very belated (2 years) senior pictures taken. I definitely enjoyed the day of pampering! I got my hair done, very Dita/40's style at Haiiroin salon. Simon is amazing! He's into video games and horror flicks, so that's all we talked about while I was getting my hair done. He did such an awesome job and their salon is adorable. It's very vintage with Victorian couches and huge mirrors. They also have champagne Fridays where they give you free champagne and style your hair for 20 bucks! I'm definitely down for that once I get some free time. For Easter, we went and ate at The Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious! I also got a crock pot, which means I am finally able to make Jamee's chicken recipe for burritos! Actually, I made them tonight... and they're soooo good! Thanks Jamee! Here are some pictures from Easter:
This is the Easter basket Blaine got for me... it's adorable!

Blaine's Easter basket, my Easter stuff from Dad, and then Dad's basket

Dad with the Easter basket I made him

Blaine and I before going out for dinner

Bella trying to get water out of the water cooler

Still trying to get the water....


Harvey eating!

My Easter Dress =)

I went out with the girls from school on Friday night. It was so nice! Since I've moved here, I haven't met a whole lot of people my age. Once I got started at school, they were all pretty close to it. We went to Chili's in West Hollywood. We had to drive through Beverly Hills and the paparazzi were stopping traffic! They're such douchebags. Honestly, with the stuff they pull, it's extremely illegal. They block traffic, double park, stalk, etc. It's annoying as hell, I can't imagine how that celebrity feels. 

Blaine and I are going to be planning a beach day soon. The weather was extremely nice for 3 days, and then BOOM! It's back to 60 degree mornings/nights. We want to go back to the Santa Monica Pier at night. It's absolutely gorgeous at night! The amusement park is lit up and... oh my goodness, you just have to see for yourself!

We've been playing Doom a lot lately as well, it's been so much fun. We went to GameStop today and bought 3 new games. They were having a sale on buy 2, get 1 free... how can you pass that up?

I can't really think of much else to write at this time, so I think I will end it on that. 

"But a man who doesn't dream is like a man who doesn't sweat. He stores up a lot of poison. - Truman Capote"