Nothing feels good being under the gun


Memorial Day and I am at work...not getting time and a half. Also, since Blaine has been here longer, he was lucky enough to get the day off. All is well though, he is at home cleaning and doing laundry. =)

Work has been so boring today, not very many calls to take. I'm looking forward to tonight because it is Monday which means 2, it is my weekend, seeing as I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. The second thing I am looking forward to, is 99 cent bowling tonight. It's going to be awesomeeee.

So I started to work out again about two weeks ago and it is do you say...superbly? I feel great and more energetic, plus I am back on track to my goal. Another awesome thing is that I have Blaine's support. He keeps me going, very encouraging. Not only that, but he actually works out alongside me so it definitely helps my mentality on working out, plus it makes the bond we have stronger.

Only 5 1/2 more hours until I am out of here! Hopefully they will offer e-time (they send out emails for people who want to leave early and excuse it). I'm thinking I am going to rent Mario Kart for the wii wii tonight.

I don't really have much to say, but if I think of more, I will post later. Oh and I probably will anyway, considering I have a shit load of new pictures. =)

Love love love


The sky never looked so blue...

I have decided to start a blog. What makes a person decide that they are going to start a blog? Maybe it's because all of the cool kids are doing it...maybe it's because Carrie on Sex and the City does it...or maybe I need another source of 'out' if you will.

I figure that since I will be moving in just a couple of months, this is a good way to keep up with what everyone is doing and how things are going. Writing letters or making phone calls are so 2. NO. =)

Yesterday was a pretty rad day. It started out by Blaine adopting us a new kitten! Her name is Bella Blue (that was her adoptive name and since she was used to it, we decided not to change it). She is a cute little gray kitten who is just so full of love. We have had for only one day and I am already so attached to her. We have three other cats, Gia, Harvey, and Audrey. They are all adapting to her nicely which saves me the stress and trouble of getting them together.

Yesterday was also Jenna's baby shower. It was such a cute event, very intimate and genuine. It was so nice seeing her and Justin so happy, they were both glowing like crazy! They received a lot of nice gifts, very thoughtful ones as well, and let's just say their baby is going to be pretty fashionable. ♥ I was also able to see Kristin and Colin as well, which was really nice. Unfortunately, I have been unable to see my friends as much as I would like to, due to growing up and trying to get out of here.

That brings me to my next topic. Within 3 o 4 months, we will be in Los Angeles, California. Blaine and I both want to make it in the music biz (I sing, he plays guitar/writes/sound engineering). Most people who know me, know my stance on this subject so there really isn't a need to go into it much more. We just want to be in a more inspirational place. Somewhere the people appreciate music and shows are happening constantly. I think of Arizona as being a party state, given that is what most teens our age and have parties. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it just isn't for us. We want to go where the music is at.

I will post pictures later of our cats, especially our new little one. For now, I will just end with a picture of the most badass- epic proportions. Enjoy.